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Being Shapeless is to be fluid, flexible and open to an endless variety of possibilities. This is the sound of Shapeless. A constantly mutating musical stream, transiting into a spectrum of carefully created and finger-selected sounds. Each beat of this design is an incessant loop of experimentation.

This is the concept that made this pair emerge from BH to the rest of Brazil and three other continents of the globe. Shapeless has been everywhere, including some of the biggest Brazilian clubs, such as Green Valley – twice voted best club in the world by DJ Mag – Belvedere Beach Club, Laroc. Not to mention that they have already opened the mainstage of the internationally renowned Tomorrowland Festival and have already played in the biggest underground music festival in Latin America, Universo Paralello. The style of this project attracted the attention of other artists not only from Brazil, but from all over the world, including Alok and Vintage Culture – the two largest Brazilian DJs according to the House Mag ranking – a connection that resulted in unique collaborations with each one of these producers.

These achievements are the result of years of work and dedication of the producers Edson Júnior and Rômulo Tsvetcoff. At age 14, Edson began his career in BH’s Electro House scene with the Future Frog project. More recently, one of his greatest works was the project of Progressive Trance “Lighters”. Rômulo has been a drummer since he was 14, became a DJ at 17 and led projects like “Groovaholik”.   Together, they combine their experiences, influences and passion for music, creating a transience of styles through which the elasticity of Shapeless manifests itself.

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