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Live soaring vocals and deep throbbing waves of sound that crash over a dance floor combine to create an emotional connection of energy from artist to audience member. Aves Volare’s music.

Aves Volare (latin: Birds Fly) hails originally from a small town called Darlington in the north of England and is now living in Melbourne, Australia. He is a DJ, producer and vocalist with an uncanny knack for taking listeners on a deep melodic and progressive techno fueled journey of musical wonder.

The multi-talented Paul Johnson has emerged as a musical force to be reckoned with since embarking on his a solo journey. This following his introduction to the world of electronic music as part of the successful duo 2DotZero.

Paul and former partner Dotan Tamir, formed a unique duo that combined atmospheric live vocals with thumping instrumentals and left many a dance floor in euphoria. Residencies at such Melbourne mainstays as Revolver, Onesixone and Pawn & Co have seen Paul hone his craft in front of Australia’s most discerning electronic musical market.

Paul’s endeavours as a DJ have been confirmed with support slots for the likes of Audiojack, Wankelmut, David Keno and Tube & Berger but it his dark and melodic production and vocals under his solo project Aves Volare, that has the likes of Einmusika Recordings, Katermukke, Dear Deer Records, Dantze & Manual Music thus far.

He has collaborated with the likes of Nicone, Pedro Mercado, Luke Garcia and The Note V (all highly respected worldwide producers who have established themselves over the years in the dance music scene).

Here are 2 major projects vocally that have established his name in the scene in recent times.

Nicone Feat. Aves Volare – Can’t Hide (Original Mix) [Einmusika Recordings]


Nicone Feat. Aves Volare – Don’t Stay (Original Mix) [Katermukke]


He will also be releasing 2 tracks with Techno superstar Citizen Kain in 2018! This is definitely a project to look out for!  

He is on the verge of releasing many original solo productions this year which will furthermore showcase that he is not just a vocalist, he is an all round musician and dance music producer.

Here are arguably two of his best original projects of 2017 on his Ibiza based resident label Chrom Recordings and dutch based label Manual Music:

Aves Volare – Alone (Original Mix) [Chrom Recordings]


Aves Volare & The Note V – The Rise (Original Mix) [Manual Music]


With his unique combination of deep melodic and progressive techno combined with his own overlaid vocals, Aves Volare is set to soar in 2018.

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