Morten Granau (Denmark) Australian Tour March 2016

Morten Granau’s production style is varied and hard to pinpoint. There is a very deep and psychedelic touch of classic Progressive Trance to it, but also a modern feeling of clubby funkiness. Together with his good friend Phaxe he gained first attention with the track “The Grudge”, released under the duo’s project name High & Mighty. The title that marked a turning point in his solo career was “The Way Life Should Be” which gained great international feedback when being published in 2008.

The increasing popularity of Morten’s entertaining grooves makes him a welcome guest at parties and festivals around the world. Besides releasing high-quality Progressive Trance under his civic name and creating progressive and deep house tracks as High & Mighty, the young go-getter is also known as the One Man Orchestra which stands for melodic Minimal Techno and Deephouse.

With the release of his new record label ‘432’ with great friend Phaxe, Morten Granau is now firmly placed at the very pinnacle of artists in high demand worldwide. His genius in writing music is only surpassed by the unforgettable experience of witnessing him play live.

He has packed out dance floors across Australia and the world so here is your chance to book the main man of the moment!


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