Martin Vice / MVMB / OTB (Denmark) Australian Tour 2016 January

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The Dane, Martin Daltoft has one real vice: Perfection. It is for this very reason that he frequently disappears in his music studio for what seems to be ages. However, once he returns it becomes perfectly clear that this vice is not harmful at all, just the opposite. Delivering productions that stand out due to their intricate elegance and irresistible, hypnotic catchiness, the man from Copenhagen aims to give party people around the world a new taste in progressive trance.

The year is 2010 when Vice launches the track ìVoyagerî into the orbit of the global Trance scene, setting himself a place among the Progressive stars. However, itís not quite the beginning of the story. As a matter of fact, Martin Daltoft is already well-known at this moment, being one half of the project Time In Motion since 2007 – Which again is only one facet of his intense commitment in the electronic dance music scene. 2013 also sees the birth of a new Progressive side project “O.T.B” together with Phaxe. In 2015 yet another side project is born at the Iboga Records studio. Martin Vice & Michael Banel is the name of this new psy-techno-gressive project. Made in collabroation with Banel aka Behind Blue Eyes, owner of Iboga Records.

Excessive touring around the globe, meeting many like-minded people and having lots of great gigs and parties eventually becomes a self-oscillating source of inspiration for Martin. A mighty energy that is distilled in his solo project Vice. Starting with the very first release there is a logical evolution of sound: From the mellow morning groove of tracks like ìWithinî to the strong and rolling hypnotism of more recent productions. Frequent collaborations with top international producers increases the value and adds to the highly dynamic and entertaining character that is Vice.

Martin Vice is head of mastering at Iboga Records and co-host of the Iboga Radio Show, broadcast globally. His track selection is second to none, and his sets leave a crowd completely blown away! 

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