Magit Cacoon (Israel/Germany) Australian Tour 2016 November

Magit Cacoon: Producer and DJ

Infested with the virus that electronic music is or can be throughout her formative years spent in her hometown Tel Aviv, Israel it wasn’t that long until Magit Cacoon relocated herself to the ever vibrant Berlin scene, fully embracing the cities bubbling nightlife and endless nights out.

Recognized and loved for the rare combination of a performer’s charisma and a trained ear for emerging trends in the global electronic dance realm Magit Cacoon took on a residency at Sweat Lodge Radio where she broadcasted to a global fanbase and, inspired by experiences and connections made in the new, thriving environment she found herself in, went on to launch her own label Girl Scout in 2011.

With Girl Scout Magit Cacoon created way more than just a platform for her first ever single „Voyage 34“. Although releases are spare and carefully selected the label grew into a home to her own productions as well as for tracks and remixes crafted by her ever growing network of friends including Kasper Bjorke, &Me, Nico Purman, Oliver Deutschmann,Tigerskin and many, yet unnamed artists meant to contribute to the Girl Scout camp in the future.

Teaming up with the Upon.You-family in 2012 for the release of her track „A Place To Dream About“ things really started to gain momentum from then on, followed by three exciting years in which the flawless amalgamation of stunning performance behind the decks, vibrant sense of melodic thrills and Magit Cacoon’s enchanting personality has added invaluable moments of magic to innumerable club nights and festivals all over the place whilst the production and studio persona of Magit Cacoon continously panned out, creating a unique signature sound directly derived from her experience as an air miles collecting DJ.

Through her stunning performances in leading European venues including Panoramabar Berlin, Moulin Rouge Paris or Ushuaia Ibiza amongst many others Magit Cacoon has linked up with the finest, most creative DJs and producers around, resulting in remix contributions by Ian Pooley for her 2013-released „More Than Time“ EP on Upon.You Records that gained wide recognition on the electronic club circuit or ReYou & Ambivalent whose remix for Magit Cacoon’s highly successful, album preceding single „Love Express“ became nothing short of a dancefloor mainstay all throughout 2015 and beyond.
Within a few years only she’s come a long way from her 2011-released debut „Voyage 34“ via releases on Be As One Imprint and Whatpeopleplay to a string of groundbreaking releases on Upon.You Records that perfectly reflect on her specific musical vision. This vision fully unfolds on Magit Cacoon’s first ever longplay album „Other Dimension“ – a seductive, yet playful and surely spine thrilling statement of a matured and fully grown artistic mind.

Thinking beyond the framework and foundation of Techno, House, Electronic and related 4/4-based derivates Magit Cacoon’s universal approach and vision does not only show in the detailed and carefully crafted sound sculptures built within an electronic studio environment but shines even more in the use of her most natural and intimate instrument – her own voice – whilst creating a unique signature sound directly derived from her experience as an air miles collecting DJ.

Catering a diverse, yet coherent artistic statement like „Other Dimension“ it’s not a big of a surprise that Magit Cacoon’s album debut was recognized, loved and hammered by a wide range of renowned DJ’s and performers including scene stalwarts like Solomun, Maceo Plex , Dixon and Sven Väth, amongst many others.

Presswise „Other Dimension“ was featured in publications like Electronic Beats Magazine, Vice / Thump, Faze, DJ Mag Italy, Gaffa, Nöjesguiden and even extensively covered by the German daily newspaper TAZ.

This said, it is quite obvious what makes Magit Cacoon album debut and stage presence undeniably seductive – a stunning performance that gives way to pleasing flirtations with Pop and playful melodies but yet is fully dancefloor focused and built on a solid foundation of properly pounding drums and vast underground experience





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