Irina Mikhailova (Kazakhstan) Australian Tour 2014 October

Rich of the multi-ethnic sounds that surrounded her childhood, and the depth of her soul, Irina Mikhailova blends her warm and otherworldly vocals with trance-inducing music of an amazing cast of musicians such as Kaya Project (UK), Suduaya (France), Toires (France), Vibrasphere (Sweden), Govinda (USA), Vlastur (Greece), Seb Mullaert of Minilogue (Sweden) and many more.

Irina Mikhailova sings to us from the heart of her indigenous roots that lay in the rich traditions of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Born and raised in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Irina currently resides in San Francisco, where for the last ten years she has released many solo and collaborative projects, most of which explore vocal technique, traditional instrumentation and digital composition, all while taking in the styles of contemporary folk, modern lounge, dub-ambient and Arabic groove.

Her talents have brought her onto stage with a diversity of world performers, ranging from Cheb i Sabbah to Banco de Gaia, Juno Reactor to Huun-Huur-Tu.

Irina’s music has been used in variety of documentaries and feature films.
One of the highlights includes the hit movie ‘Salt’ starring Angelina Jolie as well as ‘Halo’, a multi-billion dollar science fiction video game.

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