Be SVENDSEN (Denmark) Australian Tour 2014  October

Be Svendsen is the solo project of producer Lasse Bruhn Svendsen from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Be Svendsen produces organic, tech-style music, painting tonal stories that invoke
a golden key to the door of your imagination. His live performanes takes audiences on
a profound experimental journey, that spellbinds and unites people in celebration.

After hooking up with Acker/3000º records in 2011 he released a series of four ep’s, including the playful brass driven track Solo Para Mi and the stuck-in-your-head whistle tune On The Hill, which both earned status as crowd pleasers.

During extensive touring in Europe, performing at festivals like Fusion (2011-2012-2013), Lethargy and 3000º, Be Svendsen’s live set has developed into a melting pot of hypnotic mad desert-circus-shaman-cowboy-techo. His performance takes audiences on a deep journey celebrating the light and dark parts of existence. It never fails to create an intense shared experience that evokes big smiles and open hearts on the dance floor.

As the artist puts it: “I’d like to bring tragedy and humour together, and invite them up for a dance”

Be Svendsen has produced remixes for artists like Acid Pauli, Pilocka Krach, Balkan Beat Box, Analogik, Rumpistol, The Crooked Spoke and Electronic Swing Orchestra and Micronaut

Upcoming releases: “Circles” EP on Iboga recs, “Schlaraffenland” remix on ChinChin recs.


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