Another World : Introducing Gaia – Our Guardian of the Night

When you step into the infinite unknown with us, as a family, know that you are protected. We understand the unknown can seem like an intimidating place, but not when you’re with Another World

Introducing Gaia – Our Guardian of the Night 💫

Gaia’s main mission is to eradicate sexual harassment.
For too long this has been an expected part of late night partying, for many folks
– but no longer!

If you experience harassment of any kind, Gaia is your first point of call. She will deal with each incident appropriately, with empathy and compassion but without judgement. To combat sexual harassment, Gaia encourages open, positive conversations about sex and sexuality

Education is the most effective way to inspire internal growth, deep personal development and transformation

So if you’re feeling curious or you have any questions for Gaia, feel free to come and say hello!

While she takes the serious very seriously, Gaia is all about having a good time. She is a conscious spirit spreading love, compassion and good vibes. Always on hand with something sweet and plenty of hugs, she’s here to make sure everyone has the finest night possible!

Follow the guiding lights* and you shall find Gaia – the little ray of sunshine you didn’t know you needed ☺️❤️

*No really, actually follow the lights! Gaia and her team are wearing fairy lights so they’re easy to find when you need assistance 💡

Videography: Because_Aurora


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